Sustainable Mobility Management

Also looking beyond cost savings

Is mobility for your business just a necessary expense or are you interested in looking further? By choosing Sustainable Mobility at Houben Mobility Management, you choose to substantially reduce your transport, and you invest directly in accessibility, employee satisfaction and the environment.

Houben Mobility Management specializes in sustainable fleet management and mobility management. Precisely by looking further than just transportation, Houben Mobility Management ensures you permanent cost control for fleet management and other mobility-related expenses.

The strength of Houben Mobility Management

• Expertise: experienced in fleet- and mobility management
 Vision: planet, people, profit and pleasure are central –further
• value added transport solutions
 Independence: competitive rates due to smart negotiating
 Connection: we stay connected and involved, even after the assignment
 Comprehensive network: always the appropriate expert for your specialist mobility questions

Mobility advice

Whatever the size of your organization, we can perform a mobility scan for you. Based on the outcome of the mobility scan we can advise you on Working Smart and Slim Travel measures that you can enter, and what the results will be over time. Additionally, you can enable us to implement these measures in your organization.
Ask for tailor made mobility advice with our mobility scan.

Solid mobility scan

Houben Mobility Management’s mobility scan was developed in cooperation with Utrecht University and the Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden (part of Wageningen UR). The scan provides a thorough understanding of mobility solutions that will help you reduce your transport sustainability, including the costs and benefits of a potential move to climate-friendly fuels for your fleet.