Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions Houben Mobility Management
W. Banninglaan 13-3972 SJ Driebergen.
Chamber of Commerce no. 30255902
VAT no. GB ​​121786894.B01

Article 1.– Definitions
In these terms, the following terms used in the following meanings, unless
expressly stated otherwise.
a. Contractor: Houben Mobility Management
b. Client: The counterparty of the Contractor
c. Assignment: The performed work which the Contractor should do, in agreement and determined
by both Client and Contractor, and the conditions under which it must be made.

Article 2. – Applicability
2.1 The general conditions apply to all work, tenders and contracts
sales and acquisition support, relationship management and
relationship of Houben Mobility Management which are provided to clients.
Client needs to accept these Terms and Conditions explicitly.
2.2 Changes or additions to these conditions are only binding if and insofar
as they are confirmed in writing by Houben Mobility Management.

Article 3. – Validity
3.1 These general conditions regulate the legal relationships between Client and Houben Mobility Management. In addition, they constitute an integral part of the agreement.
3.2 If any parties mutually wish to deviate from any provision of the conditions this should be recorded in writing.
3.3 If the terms and conditions are applied once, they are also applied without explanation to new agreements between the parties.

Article 4. – Quotations
4.1 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all quotations are without commitment.
4.2 Quotations having a repetitive nature are only bound and set by us in writing.
4.3 An offer of Houben Mobility Management will always be valid for 15 working days, unless otherwise indicated.
4.4 If no agreement within this period has been achieved with Houben Mobility Management, no rights are assumed by the other party.
After 15 working days the tenders integrally expire.

Article 5. – Liability
5.1 Houben Mobility Management undertakes the sales and acquisition support, relationship and relationship management to perform to the best of their ability.
5.2 Despite all care Houben Mobility Management accepts no liability for
damage resulting from any act or omission on the grounds of the information obtained,
unless the intent or gross negligence of Houben Mobility Management can be blamed.
5.3 If, at any moment Houben Mobility Management is liable for any damage, it will be limited to the invoice amount of the activities to which the damage relates and will never exceed the related amount which is paid to the Company by the insurer Houben Consultancy.
5.4 In no event does Houben Mobility Management take liability for indirect or consequential damages, such as lost income.

Article 6. – Payments
6.1 Houben Mobility Management sends the invoice 14 days after completing the work.
If the implementation of the agreed work extends over a period of time longer than one month, each month (end of month) will be charged.
6.2 Payments must be made within 14 days of invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
6.3 All deliveries of these General Terms and Payment are excluding VAT and other taxes.
6.4 Travel expenses and traveling time are not included in the prices of the support program. On the invoice these amounts are shown separately.
6.5 Complaints about invoices must be made in writing, by registered letter and within eight days after the date of the invoice.
6.6 If Houben Mobility Management does not receive the amounts due by the agreed time, the customer has to pay (without notice)default interest of 1% per month or part of a month of the outstanding default amount, which is added to the claim at the beginning of the next month.
6.7 If the client remains in default after receiving notice to pay the claim, then the claim for collection is given, in which case the Client, in addition to the total sum due, will also be held responsible to pay full compensation for extrajudicial and / or court expenses, including any fees charged by
external experts in addition to the established legal costs associated with the collection of the claim or other legal action, the amount is determined at least 15% of the outstanding balance, with a minimum of € 160, – plus value added tax (VAT).

Article 7.- Moving Data
7.1 If the Client wishes so, he may, by mutual consultation with Houben Mobility Management, move the trajectory of sales, acquisition support, and customer relationship management four weeks before the first agreed supporting day to a later end/start date within three months (free of charge).

7.2 Changing the date from seven calendar days before the agreed supporting day without cost is not possible.
7.3 If Houben Mobility Management is hindered due to illness, the support program will be moved to an agreed later date.

Article 8. – Premature termination of assignment (Force majeure)
8.1 Houben Mobility Management has the right to withdraw an assignment due to force majeure, being a circumstance that is not due to her culpable negligence, and when the execution of a good alternative is impeded.

Article 9. – Cancellation by Client
9.1 The Client is entitled to cancel the assignment by sending a registered letter.
9.2 Cancellation is free of charge up to four weeks before the first supporting day.
9.3 If the Client cancels less than four weeks before the first supporting day, the client has to pay half of the total amount of the contract.
9.4 In case the Client or the principal nominated participant causes the trajectory to terminate prematurely, the client is obliged to pay the full amount to satisfy the order.

Article 10. – Cancellation by Houben Mobility Management
10.1 Houben Mobility Management, can refuse or discontinue an assignment if it comes into conflict with general standards and values. In which case the Client will not be charged. This is a notice with two weeks of application.

Article 11. – Privacy and Confidentiality
11.1 Houben Mobility Management is committed to confidentiality of all in the context of the contract concerning the company information received from the client which they may suspect is confidential.
11.2 Data from participants will be treated confidentially by Houben Mobility Management.

Article 12.- Applicable Law and Disputes
12.1. This agreement and all loss disputes are arising exclusively from Dutch Law.
12.2. Should it come to a dispute where the parties themselves do not agree, either party is entitled to submit the dispute to a competent judge.

Article 13.- Final Determination
13.1. The Contractor is authorized to change these Terms and Conditions. The most recently filed version of the Terms and Conditions is always applicable.
13.2. If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are found to be void or destroyed, the remaining Terms and Conditions continue in force.